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I hope this all goes well, because there's nothing I love more than checking out my flist, on a bad day and seeing all the pretty. :)

I saw Ultraviolet this past Saturday, as a late movie, in Manhattan. There weren't that many people. I was surprised. The movie was most excellent, in my opinion. Sebastien drove me wild. I turned to my friends and was like, "I'd hit it." :-P I think his acting skills are pretty good. Maybe he learned a bit from Milla.

After architects's post, I was sure what exactly to post next. I don't really have any photos but I've done a few searches. I really like these pics:
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pearl earring : two pearls for eyes


Hello everyone! I'm Gia and I'll be your mod today. I thought it was about time that the community get moving--and what better way of kick-starting it than posting Sebastien Andrieu's headshot from A special thank you to ladylynx for that!

Hopefully this community will do well, although I urge all fans to go join the Sebastien Yahoo! group and visit his thread at Modelhommes (actually, just go to Modelhommes on principle). This is just a place for fans on LJ to get together, so please do participate! As of now, there aren't very many rules and hopefully it'll stay that way. I will, however, stick by the existing ones, but I hope all of you will not only look out for anything Sebastien-related but also for each other.

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And that concludes my first mod!post. Thanks, and enjoy the comm!
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