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Hello everyone! I'm Gia and I'll be your mod today. I thought it was about time that the community get moving--and what better way of kick-starting it than posting Sebastien Andrieu's headshot from A special thank you to ladylynx for that!

Hopefully this community will do well, although I urge all fans to go join the Sebastien Yahoo! group and visit his thread at Modelhommes (actually, just go to Modelhommes on principle). This is just a place for fans on LJ to get together, so please do participate! As of now, there aren't very many rules and hopefully it'll stay that way. I will, however, stick by the existing ones, but I hope all of you will not only look out for anything Sebastien-related but also for each other.

And now, some goodies!

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

All pictures can be found at the Yahoo! group. So go go go.

And if anyone is on the prowl for userpics, cibeles posted several brilliant icons over at doubleohicons. Check them out!

And that concludes my first mod!post. Thanks, and enjoy the comm!
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