Marie Intarnette (ladylynx) wrote in sebandrieu,
Marie Intarnette

I hope this all goes well, because there's nothing I love more than checking out my flist, on a bad day and seeing all the pretty. :)

I saw Ultraviolet this past Saturday, as a late movie, in Manhattan. There weren't that many people. I was surprised. The movie was most excellent, in my opinion. Sebastien drove me wild. I turned to my friends and was like, "I'd hit it." :-P I think his acting skills are pretty good. Maybe he learned a bit from Milla.

After architects's post, I was sure what exactly to post next. I don't really have any photos but I've done a few searches. I really like these pics:
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Yum, all of those look delicious!
Oh yes, back when he wore his hair longer! I have so much love for those locks of his.

The film doesn't come out here until early April and it drives me crazy. >_

Deleted comment

What, did it leak? o_O